Sudum Esaenwi

Esaenwi Sudum is a Native of Gure Town (Ogoni) in Khana Local Government area of Rivers State, Nigeria; a PhD graduate student in Enugu State University of Science and Technology, studying High Energy Astrophysics with concentration on Compact Binary Accreting Stars. His love for Astronomy

development in West Africa motivated him to proceed to the prestigious NASRDA-Centre for Basic Space Science, Nsukka where he is currently working as a High Energy Astrophysicist. He is the head of High Energy Astrophysics Division and has dexterity on the operations of small Optical Telescopes for Astronomy popularization. He also coordinates outreach programs for undergraduate students, primary school pupils, primary and secondary school teachers and students within Nigeria. He is an instructor in the West African International Astronomy Summer School for young Astronomers (WAISSYA) undergraduate stream.