Alumni Research Program

Currently on-going!

Applications for this have been closed.

The Pan-African School for Emerging Astronomers (PASEA) is hosting a fully-online educational program for ~60 STEM-interested university-level students. Guided by career astronomers, participants in our program will foster their scientific curiosity and gain hands-on research experience and scientific computing skills via a number of exciting activities!

Our program features:

  • a two-week research project using a global network of telescopes to perform observations of stars in the Milky Way galaxy

  • workshops on Python, AstroPy, Google CoLab, and data science

  • live and recorded lectures by leading researchers in astronomy

  • professional development seminars (including tips for applying to graduate school)

  • countless opportunities to network and collaborate remotely with STEM students from across Africa!

To apply, click on this link or scan the QR code below using the camera app on your mobile device.